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  1. Thank you so much, L.! Having a great day and hearing from you made it even better. You'll be unsurprised I'm sure to hear we've been twins this evening. Did not dig out the vintage (turning only 21 doesn't call for that) but loaded up good in EDT and Extrait. Take good care, my dear! xoxo
  2. Happy Birthday, A.! 21 again hehe. Hope the day brought you plenty of wonderful things. It's vintage No.5 tonight in your honour. xx L.
  3. You're welcome! That really is wonderful news. Best of luck to you, couldn't happen to a nicer guy!
  4. Thanks PL for your kind words
    All best wishes !
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes,Jellyknees!You are too sweet!We did have a blast;will try to give a few details in the SotD thread without rambling on about it.Happy Monday to you!
  6. Happy Birthday, PL!
    Hope you and the mister have a wonderful trip away.
    Best wishes.
  7. 31 Rue Cambon lovers of the world, Unite!
    Thanks for your visitor message and the friend request PL- the pleasure is entirely mine.
    Keep North Indiana smelling sweet.
    All best wishes.
  8. Oh,you think of 31RC just the way I do-a riddle,puzzle,maybe even an olfactory magic trick.Whatever it is,I could just hug Polge for creating it!You said it-it is endlessly fascinating.Can't imagine ever being bored with it.So glad to share a fave with someone of such exquisite taste!
  9. You're welcome and a happy fragrant day to you,too!Now,you'll begin to reap the benefits of all your hard work!
  10. Thanks for your lovely 'welcome back' message, PerfumedLady - that was super sweet of you.
    Have a wonderfully fragrant day
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