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  1. You're welcome! That really is wonderful news. Best of luck to you, couldn't happen to a nicer guy!
  2. Thanks PL for your kind words
    All best wishes !
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes,Jellyknees!You are too sweet!We did have a blast;will try to give a few details in the SotD thread without rambling on about it.Happy Monday to you!
  4. Happy Birthday, PL!
    Hope you and the mister have a wonderful trip away.
    Best wishes.
  5. 31 Rue Cambon lovers of the world, Unite!
    Thanks for your visitor message and the friend request PL- the pleasure is entirely mine.
    Keep North Indiana smelling sweet.
    All best wishes.
  6. Oh,you think of 31RC just the way I do-a riddle,puzzle,maybe even an olfactory magic trick.Whatever it is,I could just hug Polge for creating it!You said it-it is endlessly fascinating.Can't imagine ever being bored with it.So glad to share a fave with someone of such exquisite taste!
  7. You're welcome and a happy fragrant day to you,too!Now,you'll begin to reap the benefits of all your hard work!
  8. Thanks for your lovely 'welcome back' message, PerfumedLady - that was super sweet of you.
    Have a wonderfully fragrant day
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