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  1. Dear Tom,

    I just NOW saw this message!

    Please feel free to message me via the addresses at my website,

    WOuld love to pick up on convo from... 2 years ago!

    -all my best,

    and happy new year x 2


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  2. Hi Enzo,

    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been here lately. Ooooh NO! Are you saying that MPG is no longer producing Eau Des Iles ? My God, did you really buy all those bottles ? Well, should you ever sell one, let me know!
    Oooh, I used to live in Studio City, California. Now in Maine!

    Tom Patrick aka SixCats!
  3. Hello, SixCats -- I'm so excited about your love for Eau des Iles... it's so sad MPG has sold itself off...

    i bought about 25 bottles when I found out it was going to happen, and in fact, the new stuff simply doesn't smell the same...

    I have one bottle of EDI left, and about 15 bottles of others.... from the florals, to Route du Vetiver...

    Just sending out the love! In California -- I hope we're close by!

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