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  1. Hey there, I've only just read your message. From what I heard YSL Jazz had a dominant mint note. This made me hesitant to try it but when I'm in the shops again I'll give it a shot and I'll let you know my thoughts on it
  2. Having technical difficulties - I only intended sending one message.
  3. Hey, read your review of Azzaro Pour Homme. I found the same, thought it was fantastic but unwearable. Then I discovered YSL Jazz. For me, all the ups of Azzaro but much more 'with it'. For me, it is what I wanted Azzaro to be. You may already be familiar with it, but if not, it's worth a try.
  4. Hey, I notice you gave a positive review of Azarro Pour Homme but say you wouldn't/couldn't wear it. I hope you don't mind me sharing my experience. I did the same, declared it a masterpiece, but never wore it. Then, by chance, I tried YSL Jazz and found it to be what I needed APH to be. It has all the upsides of Azzaro but is somehow more solid, more wearable. I think it's also an equal masterpiece and a bit of an unsung hero. You may already know it and like or dislike it. I just though I'd let you know how it went for me. Respect for liking ADP Colonia too, what a fabulous fragrance
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