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  1. Hi!
    Osmanthus Interdite is lovely, fruity, leathery... Not my favourite of the house, too, but very pleasant sometimes. My true love in PdE range is Azemour Les Orangers, do try it!
  2. Hi perfume house twin! How's Osmanthus? Don't know this one from PdE. My favourite is Iskander and I'm ordering samples of Eau de Gloire and Azemour this week, they seem interesting.
    Hope you have a good weather in Milan!
  3. Thank you, and good luck with your last exam! You'll deserve a long and perfumed vacation. I studied chemistry, too, at University, many years ago- but nothing related to perfume, alas!
  4. Hi iodine! I'm happy for you that your school year is over. I'm almost there too. Only one more exam to go and I'll be getting my university 1st degree, so my academic year would also end. Can't wait to have so vacation.
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