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  1. I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Kiliwia,

    Hah, I'm still figuring this thing out, just now noticed your message. Hey, what's that pink Notifications button....ohhhh. Yeah, I was discussing fragrance with a co-worker today and was trying to explain how it's such an interesting thing, the mix of the skin chemistry, our own perceptions of scent and the layers in the smell itself. I just wish I had more than Macy's and Sephora here, but I think I need a 3 hour drive to Chicago so I can experience more!

    It's lovely to meet you!
  3. Loved your comment on the SotD thread, about Basenotes being a world you didn't even know existed. I feel the same way and I'm so thankful to have found this site and all the wonderful people here. Have a wonderful day!
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