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  1. Is Hermes a niche house??? I know that terre de hermes and eau d'orange verte seem to be at designer price, but the hermessence line (Vetiver Tonka, Ambre Narguile) seem to be niche. Thanks.
  2. Wow!!!!!
  3. About 30 years or so
  4. how long have you been in the "fragrance community"?
  5. Whoops. Missed this message. Thank you for the kind words on my voice. If i get my fragrance channel going again I'll let you know when I start doing reviews.
  6. Thanks!.... i did find your channel, and you have a great voice!
  7. I have not been doing YouTube reviews due to my professional schedule. I hope to do more after the first of the year, and I'll definitely let you know when anything gets posted!
  8. Niche fragrances come from smaller companies, catering to a smaller consumer base + limited distribution. Most niche houses allow more creative freedom to their perfumers and often have scents that are unique compared with designers. Many niche houses claim to use superior ingredients. I know it seems like it, but price is not what determines if something is "niche." For instance Nicolai is a niche house, and their price point is often on par with or below that of designer fragrances. "Designer" fragrances are often known as "fine fragrance" or "luxe fragrance" and are much more readily available to consumers through department stores. Mass Market Fragrances are available in places like drug stores and even supermarkets. Guerlain falls in the "Designer/luxury" category. They are available in most department stores though they have fragrances that are "boutique exclusives." Guerlain is one of France's oldest fragrance houses still in operation.
  9. I just noticed that someone said you have a youtube channel. I watch robes08, an TIM, and everyone else all the time. how can i see your videos?
  10. Interesting...... I am definitely newer to this than you... what do you consider to be niche, like at what price does a fragrance become "Niche", or his a whole house considered niche?
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