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  1. youhou ! i reveived Ma Griffe today, bought blind after reading your review as the final push to acquiring a green chypre of ofd, reviewed (I am not partial to oakmoss anyway) and indeed being not to powdery for me ... i can wear it how delicious
    i know you partake in the little pleasure..virtually
    good luck with the garden ! mine is tiny... much less demanding yet BLOOOOOMING !
    big hug
  2. Thank you sweet Lady ! How are you Luna ? we are enjoying a great warm spring this year... life is good ...
  3. Happy birthday, my dear Lau!
  4. Hello Lau! Ah, glad you are enjoying the family... it's not so cold here either at 72F (my my!) ... the writing with MdM continues apace and I am sure that your voice will appear there again soon!

    Thank you for the thought, and the hugs! - Luna
  5. hallo Lady I am in France at the moment and it is so nice and sunny and not so cold for february (like 12 to 14 C) and enjoying food drink and dear family... having a thought for you
  6. Ah Lau...
    Such fun, and such poignant "endings"...
    (and silly new beginnings "afoot")...

    HUGS - Luna
  7. Luna Luna the moon is going to be full
    I also expected something of a new perfume/poetic essay on the thread at one point, and then Monsieur tended to other things. Even more immaterial...
    I trust him without fail
    Let see what future holds
    Who knows
    I ?
    so little
    and so much
    just like you
    for sure, sometimes we get what we need, especially when we stop wanting stubbornly lol
    big hug
  8. still dashing around Luna write me anytime - i cant write myself unfortunately - would you believe lol
    a lot to tell
    must send a hello to the guys long due
  9. Happy New Year you beautiful buttefly !
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