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  1. yesterday in my mind
  2. That was 17 fcking years ago....
  3. all I got out of that mess was you live with your sister
  4. In some Dr Octagon song he says "Like Heperd the German Sheperd..." or at least thats what me and my sister thought he says, so we named our dog Heperd. Basically i invented a word and name.
  5. lol@you conveniently skipping over the first couple definitions to find the one that suites you
  6. from UrbanDictionary
    herp derp-
    Something idiots say. Usually it is supposed to indicate stupidity in somebody else, but the person saying it is usually the dumb one.
  7. what's a heperd anyway? I always read it as 'herp'. just be happy I don't call you herp derp. don't google it.
  8. did you get in trouble too?
  9. of course

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