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  1. Damn you Your Highness!

    A few months back you might remember me asking about Poison. I got it liked it but then went off it quite quickly. That has changed - now I am in love/lust with it, to the point that I am hunting evermy version of it. I love the skankyess of it ;-) Btw - love your YouTube vids xxxxxxxxx

    All the best
  2. You are just beautiful (sorry got distracted). I really listen to your advice and would like to know if you think my wardrobe is missing thing (btw - as you once said "I'm as gay as a daisy) so i dont mind the female or UBER skanky lol. I really would love a genuine response.

    Thank You in advance
  3. How is the new collection vid coming lol? Can we expect it soon?? xxx

  4. A new Poison fan is born!
  5. I need to thank you. After my post on Dior Poison in the male forum , i took your recommendation and i bought Dior Midnight Poison. I absolutely love it. It is quite fruity to my nose but i still love it. THANK YOU!!!! lol
  6. I plan to, and I've tried a couple of times.
    But, then when I get half way throug it,
    I mess up the language or make some other
    mistake, and needs to start all over again.
    I cannot figure out to edit my videos, so it
    has to be shot in one take.

    I am working on it, though. Stay tuned!
  7. Of course i remember it. Also, as your humble subject, may I ask - are you doing an update??
  8. ....
  9. Hi - i was wondering wher i could find that video you posted of your fragrances? I would love to see it again
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