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  1. Hello, hello. How are you? All well I hope, apart from your weather. I'm bust with the move to the new house. Getting a bit scunnered of being so busy all the time but it will be worth it. Must dash.......
  2. Hi hun. Are you OK? I've been busy.
  3. So, the Tabac Blond??????
  4. Tomorrow darling I promise! It is my day off so I can take time to make it a good one! Anything (notes/genre) that you don't like?
  5. Doing*
  6. Lol - correct. I shall do that, I've been oink it for weeks
  7. Would you not pop over to the synch thread to say hello there? It is good fun. PS: I bet the sun isn't shining for the third day in a row!
  8. Thank You!
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