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  1. Your PM is full, therefore I write here.
    Dear friends, I thank you very much for your willingness to participate in the Tawaf reviewing group.

    The sample of the new fragrance should be shipped to you on Friday and should reach you within 3 or 4 days, that is around the 26 July.
    • Please tell me if this timing is ok and if will you be able to receive the parcel at this date, or else you may be travelling or in holidays.
  2. • Moreover I ask you also to tell me if you can be committed to send me your review not later than seven days after receiving your sample, because there is a deadline for publishing your reviews on Basenotes.

    If this is alright for you please send me your address by email at I shall have much more facility to communicate with you by email, it will be more immediate than Basenotes PM and there might be some cases of shipping logistics with USPS that we may have to solve quickly.

    I am waiting for your answer at

    Best regards
    AbdesSalaam Attar
  3. Giveway of a full bottle of oud caravan!

    Oud Caravan giveway. A full bottle of Oud Caravan to the author voted best post in the 3 oud threads (picture above).

    Anybody can vote, but should not vote for himself. So, invite all your Basenotes friends to join in and vote for you.
    The winner will chose what he prefers between the 3 versions of Oud Caravan.


    Invite all your Basenotes friends to vote and enter in the draw.
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