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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. Salut! (continuing to write in English too, so we can be understood here on BN)

    I am the one to thank for the friend invitation. Receiving friends invitations here on Basenotes
    proves that I was lucky to be welcomed by a not only well-informed, but also very friendly, witty and genuinely communicative fragrance enthusiasts. My congratulations for your wardrobe too: it efficiently and stylishly includes some of the basics of the fragrance world.

    See you around on Basenotes and let me know whenever you want any fragrance-related information or simply to talk and exchange some impressions.

    All the best and thanks again,

    Vlad (yes, my real name btw., my username is just a tribute to one of my fave film directors)
  3. Salut, Ken ! (I wrote the rest in english for other basenoters to understand)

    Thank you for accepting my friendship request on basenotes. I've read your reviews and some of your replies on this forum and I have to say you have great taste in fragrances. Your reviews are really inspiring and convincing, by the way.

    Heve a nice scented day.
    Mr B
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