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  1. Your reviews are great! Are we ever going to have an OC get together? maybe at fashion island or south coast plaza?
  2. That is a GREAT idea. We really need to get everyone together!
  3. Rebecca, lets have a christmas party here in oc!?
  4. Hi! It's great to "meet" you! There are a few of us in Southern CA (from SD to LA) who meet whenever we get the chance! I've started and OC group, (Orange County, CA anyone?), so that people can arrange get-togethers. We're GOT to try to have one soon!
  5. Hi tovah, I am Sam. and I live in orange county near cal state fullerton. I love scents and I notice you write a lot on this board. Are there any group meetings they have? Do you all go to visit scent shops as a group in OC or LA basenoters? I would love to have a fragrance outing with other fragrance junkies. I usually go to South Coast plaza or LA for my scents. Nice to meet you!!

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