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  1. wah! maybe not, it may be discontinued?
  2. sephora's has touch me and then try to leave
  3. Thank you, I forgot to give everybody ''instructions'' and to ask feedback.
    The bodycream sounds brilliant, the name alone! I will see if I can get it, do you know which shops would carry it?
  4. Tried your night cream last evening and it's lovely. Thank you again for the sample.
    Today I thought of a body cream and I wondered if you'd tried it, it's called:
    "Touch me and then try to leave," by Benefit.
    I think you would like it a lot.
  5. I do hope we can come. It's such an exciting prospect, I am already going through my wardrobe looking at what fragrances I have which are less known to decant.

    The books were the prize for a basenotes quiz. They have a vial attached to the cover, it's a very good suspense novel by Ngaio Marsh, and there is this scent which is a main part of the crime, I asked people to guess which real life scent would be appropriate for that role. It is described in various ways.
  6. Frou Frou, I visited your art website and saw the post about "The False Scent" book you are illustrating. How fantastic! What superb photographs of your creative endeavors. Really enjoyable. Hope we have a chance to meet in NOLA. Coincidentally, one of my dearest friends in life is from the Netherlands, too.
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