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  1. I find sitting meditation helps focus my mind for later daily events. But everyone has unimportant distractions. I was taught to let them pass through the mind like clouds drifting by a window, sort of noted but not the focus of attention. Attention to the task at hand can be difficult for us all.
  2. I am thinking of this, and what your words refer to. I find it difficult to find my inner peace back at the moment, and to install such rituals that would reintroduce the state of mind. Even when I enjoy fully a fragrance, a view of nature or the cuddly silence of my cat. Am I distracted ?
  3. You are so very welcome Laureline. Enjoyment of moments such as those are ours for the picking. They are what we were designed to enjoy. But it seems most of us are in such a constant state of distraction we miss the mark.
  4. Bonjour Ken,
    I really love what you wrote on Asaskian's thread "Perfumistes ..".
    Thank you for that.
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