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  1. Paradiso is taken for another trade. B*Men has higher value than Sexy Man. Would you have anything else either to supplement Sexy Man or as a stand alone? I'm always looking for samples too.
  2. Sorry about that, it is the Paradiso Inferno.
  3. Which "Colors" are you referring to? I don't have one called exactly that.
  4. I would be interested in the B Men or possibly Colors. What is the Colors scent like in your opinion?
  5. Yes, I'm somewhat intrigued by Samba Sexy Man. Do I have anything you want?
  6. Hi,
    The message that I had sent is that the cologne that I have is Sexy Man, not Kiss me.. Sorry about the confusion, I thought that is what I had. If you are still interested, just let me know.
  7. I saw that you tried to send me a msg, but my inbox was full. Sorry about that (but it seems you are in the same boat now ). Did you find something of interest for your Samba Kiss Me?
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