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  1. hello Bro. Its been a Long time.
    I just Bought Lacoste Style in Play. Well it Lasts super long and is a very sparkling happy and positive fragrance. Youve trued it too. Any similar pleasing scents? hey bro whats your take on lacoste essential ?
  2. Hello Dear Andrew
    I Recently Got a 75 ml bottle of this fopr less than 10 dollars and am smelling it on me while writing. This is a good fragrance considering the price. It is Super Fresh but less of citrus. I can detect More of cool frozen Cucumber and the cocoa leaf. Some aquatic nature is also added as i can definately detect some notes very prominent in BVLgari aqua. If you Love BVLgari Aqva and Polo Blue then you would definately like this. The and Longevity is slightly above average (say at 5 - 6 hrs). Sillage is mediocre as after some time it just gets very close to the skin. But for the while that it lasts It is very energising and fresh specialy suited to the harsh Indian summers. At the price that it comes you can always re apply it to keep cool and fresh.
    The Best part is that it doesnt smell cheap at all smells as good as some expensive stuff. Great Buy.
  3. Hey man! Long time! I have not tried Nickel Max, I was thinking of buying it a while ago, and I totally forgot about it. Let me know how it is!
  4. Hey Andrew
    I just did a blind buy.
    I ordered Nickel Eau Maximum 2.5 oz for 10 bucks. (cheap)
    How is the Juice.
    I Guess youve tried it.
  5. Nish,
    Never a bother men, no prob at all. As you know, I do recommend Polo Blue and L'Eau D'Issey is fantastic. It isn't very citrusy, but great for hot weather, lasts long. Solo Loewe Agua I do not know much about, so I can't give any recommendations concerning that...however, almost everyone who has reviewed it complares it to L'eau D'Issey and say it is better. Maybe you should buy one or the other but not both.

    What I will recommend for huge sillage and staying power is Terre d'Hermes. If you already have this, try it in the heat. If you don't have it, buy the perfume for men version, it is waaaaay better, though more expensive.

    I will also recommend One Man Show. It is cheap, a bit rough but it is stronger than strong. I don't think the Indian heat can match up to it!

    Cheers my friend,

  6. Dear Andrew
    Sorry To bother you.
    I am again looking for a zesty citrusy summer frag for the 48deg Indian summers.
    It should have monster sillage and great Longevity.
    I am planning to buy

    Polo Blue
    Leau Dissey
    Solo Loewe Agua

    are they fine?
  7. Thanks Dear friend for your valuable suggestions,
    please be my friend.
  8. Hi Nishantdavid!
    I luv sparkling, citrusy and zesty frags as well! Polo Blue is not citrusy at all, but it does last quite a while, it was one of my favs when it first came out. It is a bit melony (like honeydew or watermelon) but it is very modern as well. 4 to 6 sprays should give you the lasting time you are looking for.

    Azzaro Chrome is citrusy and a bit sparkling in the begining. It does last long, but it only projects in the heat. In cold weather, it is hard for someone else to smell it on you. I recommend this and Polo blue, you can;t go wrong.

    For other citrusy, sparkling and zesty fragrance, try Davidoff Goodlife, Cool Water Summer Fiz, Cool Water (not my fav), any of the 2 Ushers, Ralph Lauren Romance (very sparkly), and a not so common one: Jivago 24K. Not very citrusy, but very sparkly.

  9. Hello Andrew
    I am in love with citrusy, zesty, lively , sparkling fragrances. I love Ferrari Light Essence because of its lasting citrus and watermelon note. The main problem with citrusy scents is that they dont last. What abt Polo Blue? Pls do tell me abt chrome also are these two frags long lasting?
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