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  1. Thanks D. Looking forward to the trip!

    Congrat's to both of you two also. It looks as if you've found the right person - good for you. Ray & I celebrate 12 years together, this weekend. When you've got real love, time flies.
  2. San Diego! Nice! Way up high on the list of places Diana and I want to visit (and live, but neither of us will pull that kind of money anytime soon). Have fun!
  3. Hey Mike, very excited as I think tomorrow, along with being the day Diana comes down to spend a week with me, will be my first wearing of Ambre Sultan. I got just a touch on me decanting to an atomizer, and I've gotta say I've got rather high expectations. All I'm getting right now is at first what seems to be an opaque base of amber and vanilla, but if i stop and collect myself and try to analyze it, it really seems to open up. Very cool, and definitely looking forward to it.
  4. Good to see you, bud. How have you been?
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