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  1. Hi Dasher, thanks for the good question. I'll think about that for a couple of days and get back to you. Cheers, ody.
  2. Hi Ody -
    I've been reading your reviews, and would like to ask for advice. I enjoy very much Terre D'hermes. I like the woodsy (cedar/vetiver), but by the time I got to the drydown, all I could smell on my skin was a very faint musk and powder. I do not really like either of those 2 smells. I did enjoy the subtle rose/floral up front and middle, and the light citrus up front as well, I also liked the benzoin in the middle.
    Can you think of something that has those elements, but more woodsy, not musky and no powder drydown? I don't mind the linearity... THANKS for your opinions!
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