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  1. Thank you very much! Proud to say that as an old-fashioned guy I asked for opinion, read it very carefully, calmly thought it over and disregarded it eventually I went with Versace V/S. Accordingly to info on basenotes it's discontinued now but somehow I found it in a small perfume shop in my hometown (in Olsztyn, Poland). I liked it so much I knew I had a winner

  2. Hi, Satyrek --

    Happy to offer a whole bunch of suggestions! Depending on whether you can tell if she'll love something just by sniffing it (try Sephora and/or your local department story, if so), you might want to buy minis of several of these (or others) along with a card promising a full bottle of her favorite... Then she can try them and pick!

    My suggestions:
    * L de Lolita Lempika
    * 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden
    * DKNY Be Delicious Night
    * Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier
    * 24 Faubourg by Hermes
    * Kenneth Cole Perfume for Women
    * JLo Glow

    Happy hunting, and do let me know what you go with, and how your GF likes it!
  3. Hi,

    Could You please help me? I'm in trouble looking perfumes for my GF. I know nothing about perfumes but I checked her wardrobe lately and I noticed she likes scents that could be described as florals broken by fruits. She owns Gucci Rush, Escada Magnetism and an untagged bottle shaped like red apple with golden top). I believe she'd rather prefer a bit darker, misterious scents than lighter and ’careless’ ones.

    I would be grateful if You could recommend 3-5 scents which I should check.

    I sent this question to Foetidus but he recommended You as an appropriate person to ask for an answer.

    Thanks in advance.
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