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  1. Okay great! Thanks for the update coolboy.
  2. Okay great! Thanks for the update coolboy.
  3. Hello,

    Well, I really liked vera wang, I only got positive comments while wearring. Since its light, I sprayed 4-5 srpays and it lasted a good 7 hours. After 3 hours it became more a skin scent.


    this was before discovering aventus lol. Now, fuck that vera wang. I just use aventus anymore! But, vera wang is still a good buy.

    enjoy it!
  4. Hey, so it seems like you like Vera Wang for Men according to one of your posts. I remember smelling this one years ago and liking it, but didn't want to spend $70 on it (I didn't shop online at the time).

    Anyway, how do you view this fragrance now?

    Any longevity issues? Any negative comments on it from others?

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