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As well as writing Jasmine Award shortlisted articles, Danielle was previously Basenotes' Community Manager.

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Zara Home launches first personal fragrance line

by Danielle Cooper, 01st February, 2017

Moving from years of experience in the home fragrancing industry, Zara Home have launched a range of six personal fragrances. Launched in 2003, the homewares brand are part of the Inditex Group and are now present on 5 continents and in over 60 countries with more than 500 stores.  Paris-born New Yorker Fabien Baron represents…

Olfactive Postcards

by Danielle Cooper, 28th December, 2016

Danielle Cooper takes a sniff back at the parts of the UK she has lived and travelled.

New fragrance company Aqualis release first range of four scents

by Danielle Cooper, 05th December, 2016

Origin is the first of the four in this initial range and features Egyptian jasmine absolute, Turkish rose absolute, French vanilla bourbon, French patchouli and Indian papyrus oil. The creators describe the fragrance as “an ode to the earliest aspects of universe and the earliest pioneers of fragrance”. Next in the ran…

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Natural Perfumers Guild celebrates 10 years

by Danielle Cooper, 15th June, 2016

The Natural Perfumers Guild celebrates ten years this month

Katy Perry starts a (Royal) Revolution

by Danielle Cooper, 01st July, 2014

Katy Perry’s latest fragrance, Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution, hits the UK in July this year, following a London launch with perfumer Pierre Negrin in which she invited journalists to recreate her fragrance from its composite notes.The singer spoke to Basenotes about her first memories of smell (powder fresh diapers!), how her fragrances…

Yohji Yamamoto take us back to the future and beyond

by Danielle Cooper, 13th March, 2013

As reported on Basenotes back in November Japanese fashion house Yohji Yamamoto formally announced in Paris this month that they are relaunching a number of fragrances from the line's archives, as well as expanding the line with some new scents.Yamamoto's first foray in to scents was in 1996 when the company partnered with Jean Patou to l…

Basenotes picks up third Jasmine Award at the 2012 ceremony

by Danielle Cooper, 07th March, 2013

Basenotes are delighted to be able to congratulate their award winning writer Persolaise for winning Best Digital Article on Fragrance at the 2012 Jasmine Awards, held at BAFTA's Piccadilly headquarters. Persolaise was nominated in this category for his article What do you smell when you look in the mirror? alongside Nick Gilbert, also in…

Travel by nose

by Danielle Cooper, 29th December, 2012

As the year draws to a close, my thoughts wander to holidays and trips that have taken me into foreign climates in the past year or two. As the nose bracing chill of January looms up ahead and everywhere the damp, mushy odour of rain soaked vegetation litters my local journeys, I try to recapture the warm, mellow smells of a sunshine soak…

Marks and Spencer to offer range of fragrance brands

by Danielle Cooper, 02nd November, 2012

Last month Basenotes had a little sneak peek into Santa's sack, courtesy of Modus PR, who created a very perfumed beauty event for UK high street giant, Marks and Spencer.Other brands included in the new beauty halls are: Monotheme, Venetian scents based around one specific note; Acorelle, who offer organic and hypoallergenic scents; Laur…

Jo Malone visit British Woodlands for latest launch - Wild Bluebell

by Danielle Cooper, 09th August, 2011

Jo Malone have chosen to personify their latest launch with a “terribly English...Naughty but nice” fairy character who shares her name with the fragrance - Wild Bluebell. Described as “a girl who lets nature run riot for all the right reasons” the whimsical woman features in the viral and print advertising campaigns.The scent itself, cr…

Disney use their Imagination for first foray into adult fragrance market

by Danielle Cooper, 07th July, 2011

Disney are no strangers to the fragrance market as millions of little girls and boys worldwide know. This summer though the adults can relive their Disney inspired childhoods with the launch of Imagination, a range of scented products that Disney are using to fragrance their concept stores and sell to people to take home.Described by the…

Givenchy invite woman to Play too

by Danielle Cooper, 15th June, 2010

The bottle for Her mirrors the for Him version in its modern MP3 player mimicry. The edp comes in a bright pink and the edp intense in a more dramatic indigo. Both are accented with diamante crystals at the edge. Serge Mansau is behind the design and has a history with the fragrance house, which has seen him create bottles for Organ…