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Tom Clark is an intellectual historian with a love of classical and natural fragrances and a research interest in olfactory studies and perfume history. He lives in Germany.

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The Century of Smell

by Tom Clark, 13th June, 2017

Last year my nose was at Kitty Hawk or Menlo Park. Like the beginning of the electrical age or the era of flight I witnessed a magic moment in which you are given a glimpse or rather, a sniff - of the future: a future, in this case, where smell would be regarded by Western civilization as a sense on par with sight and sound; in which art would be something inhaled as well as viewed, in which live poetry would affect your emotions by way of your olfatory bulb as well as your ear drum; in which films would have genuine smelltracks or a smell sequence might have a soundtrack; in which performative arts were self-evidently multi-sensory affairs fusing and contrasting visual, aural, olfactory and tactile perceptions. Welcome to the Century of Smell!

The Not-So Secret Double Life of Annette Neuffer

by Tom Clark, 19th December, 2016

Jazz trumpeter and singer by night, natural perfumer by day – when Annette Neuffer sets her mind to doing what she loves, nothing can stop her. Not even European Union red tape. "Your sound is beautiful - dark and warm," Wynton Marsalis said of her trumpet playing and her impressive portfolio of fragrances suggests that &q…

An interview with Johann Maria Farina

by Tom Clark, 18th June, 2009

For any perfume lover, the Farina Haus at Obenmarspforten 21 in Cologne, Germany is something of a shrine – the birthplace of Eau de Cologne, a revolution in perfumery, and the seat unto this day of the world’ oldest fragrance house, Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichsplatz, founded in 1709. Formerly also the s…

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