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Lila Das Gupta is a London based journalist with an interest in all things olfactory. Lila also organises the Perfume Lover's London meet-up group.

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Basenotes Best fragrance discoveries of 2014

31st December, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we ask our contributors to look back and tell us their favourite new releases and discoveries of the year.

Perfume And Cocktails at Exsence

by Lila Das Gupta, 20th March, 2014

As the sun went down, the queue for for Marika Vecchiattini's workshop on perfume and cocktails got longer and longer. Marika, who writes the bi-lingual blog Bergamotto E Benzoino presented the evening in collaboration with Patricia de Nicolai, who is President of the Osmotheque perfume museum in Versailles. Helped by a team of mixologi…

Vagabond Prince launch Land of Warriors and Swan Princess

by Lila Das Gupta, 20th March, 2014

Zoran Knezevic and Elena Knezhevich (pictured above), owners of the Fragrance website Fragrantica have launched two new fragrances in their line, 'Vagabond Prince' at the Esxence perfume fair in Milan.Following on from their highly successful release 'Enchanted Forest', the couple asked perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour to create two new fragr…

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Podcast #2: Sad and fleeting, but beautiful

24th February, 2014

In the second Basenotes podcast, our panel discuss the idea of sending smells digitally, and the uses and problems that may arise. Would the ability to send a smell be useful? If a scent can be recorded digitally, and resniffed at will, would it lose some of its beauty?

Book Review: Perfume, The Art and Craft of Fragrance by Karen Gilbert

by Lila Das Gupta, 29th January, 2014

This is a superb book which will be of interest to those who are new to perfume as well as those who are aficionados. Author Karen Gilbert teaches perfumery courses in London and is a former IFF (International Flavours and Fragrances) evaluator. She was also a formulator for Neal’s Yard Remedies. The book starts with the Psychology of …

Starting the New Year with A Perfume Course

by Lila Das Gupta, 10th January, 2014

The New Year is always a good time to think about doing a course to get you through the winter months. All these UK courses have been tried out and offer solid teaching, good materials and of course, lots of fun! The Cotswold Perfumery, taught by perfumer John Stephen (creator of No. 88 Czech & Speake, Vetiver Vert and other gorgeo…

Perfumer Roja Dove Creates New Perfume In Honour of The Cheapside Hoard

by Lila Das Gupta, 30th October, 2013

London-based perfumer Roja Dove has designed a perfume to coincide with the opening of a new exhibition at the Museum of London entitled ‘The Cheapside Hoard’.The Hoard is a stash of Tudor jewellery uncovered by workman while digging foundations in 1912, in an area of the City of London known as Cheapside. The collection, which has neve…

Everything's Coming Up Roses Event Report from Perfume Lovers London

by Lila Das Gupta, 15th May, 2013

This event was presented by Andy Bradshaw with assistance from Lila Das Gupta. The evening started with Andy reciting a poem called 'Roses' by George Eliot:You love the roses - so do I. I wish The sky would rain down roses, as they rain From off the shaken bush. Why will it not? Then all the valley would be pink and white And soft to trea…

London Gets New Niche Perfumery 'Bloom' in trendy Spitalfields

by Lila Das Gupta, 21st December, 2012

London has a new niche perfumery shop. 'Bloom' in Spitalfields quietly opened its doors in August with a soft launch. Located in the trendy Spitalfields area of East London, home to many creative and artisanal businesses, Basenotes talked to owner Oxana Polyakova.Why did you decide to open a perfume shop?When I had to stay at home after …

Ormonde Jayne Launches New Line 'Four Corners Of The Earth' – Interview with Linda Pilkington and Giveaway

by Lila Das Gupta, 14th December, 2012

London based perfumer Linda Pilkington has added a new line to the Ormonde Jayne house. The Four Corners of the Earth, a series of four perfumes created in collaboration with German perfumer Geza Schoen, have been released in time for Christmas. Basenotes talked to her about their release. (We have an exclusive giveaway for Basenotes…

Event Report 'Incredible Irises' Perfume Lovers London

by Lila Das Gupta, 12th December, 2012

Incredible Irises was an event hosted by Basenotes and Perfume Lovers London at the New Cavendish Club on 22nd of November 2012. Here are some highlights.The fixative qualities of orris are also utilised in the making of gin, where orris works to stabilise and enrich the quality of the other botanicals. One of the finest gins with an or…

Queen receives new perfume 'Adamas' from Royal Society of Chemists

by Lila Das Gupta, 23rd November, 2012

The Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) has presented The Queen with a specially commissioned perfume called 'Adamas' as a Christmas gift for the end of her Diamond Jubilee Year. The word 'adamas' means diamond in Greek. The fragrance, created by the British firm CPL Aromas, based in Hertfordshire , is intended for the Queen's nose only, n…