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Marcy Goldman is a master baker and cookbook author, as well as mistress of scents. A New York Times, Food and Wine and Washington Post contributor, she also appears on Martha Stewart Sirius frequently. She consults on fragrance and dabbles in her own creations, as well as writes about scent in all its incantations for and her own column, Scent of a Baker, at her site,

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The Best Perfumes of 2017 according to our contributors

30th December, 2017

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2017. If nothing wowed them in 2017 they could choose something new to them

A perfect perfume cabinet!

by Marcy Goldman, 21st November, 2017

Perfume collector Marcy Goldman thinks she’s finally found the perfect perfume storage unit.

Cooking with Angel - presenting four recipes inspired by Mugler's classic fragrance

by Marcy Goldman, 22nd December, 2010

Angel Perfume - Top Note: Bergamot, Mandarin Middle Note: Passion Fruit, Peach, Apricot Base Note: Patchouli, Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel - These are the fragrance notes of Angel as per perfume descriptions on many a scent retailer site and what fragrance counter representatives will tell you. There is also, on some perfume blogs, further…

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Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

by Marcy Goldman, 05th November, 2008

There’s just something about lavender….. There is just something indelible about lavender although some people sometimes confuse lavender with lilac: both start with “L”, both are pretty, violet-hued, both florals. Inasmuch as lilac is as beloved, lavender is the far more potent, more-easily captured scent with a …

A Woman's Journey in Scent

by Marcy Goldman, 30th January, 2006

As a baker girl/chef it is no surprise that I am seduced by scent. In addition to working with fragrance and flavors in the bakery and kitchen I also dabble in candle making, personal and custom perfumes, and hand milled soaps as well as home fashioned incense and potpourris. Scent is as much about memory as it is a woman’s s…