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When I'm not sniffing perfume, I'm a student, musician, and cuisinier. I'm particularly passionate about vintage, rare, and bizarre fragrances. You can reach me any time on basenotes (username: lovingthealien) or at beatingahorsetodeath-at-gmail-dot-com

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"Like Joni Mitchellís alternate guitar tunings" - An interview with Dr Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids

by Jesse Hardy, 17th April, 2014

I think that your fragrances are beyond affordable. An entire collection of your fragrances is affordable!Thatís what I like; for people to be able to afford an entire collection! Iíll always offer the 5ml sprays and the 15ml bottles. I want small bottles myself. I would never buy a big bottle of anything, simply because I would never be …