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Marloes Hagenaars comes from the very small town Langeraar in the Netherlands. Her interest in fashion started growing when she did her Bachelor Journalism in Utrecht and later did a Masters in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. During her Masters she started Freya Magazine (, a fashion magazine that explores current issues through fashion. Currently she is working as an editor for Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands. Her favourite perfume is L'Air du Desert Marocain by Andy Tauer

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Natural and Green Beauty 101: Where to start and what to remember

by Marloes Hagenaars, 04th July, 2017

As sustainability goes mainstream, “green” fragrances can be found and purchased everywhere these days. The 2016 Organic Market Report revealed that UK sales of “green” beauty products increased by 21.6% percent last year and is expected to grow rapidly

Frédéric Malle on his latest collaboration with fashion designer Alber Elbaz

by Marloes Hagenaars, 24th March, 2017

When Frédéric Malle posted a photo on Instagram showing a few perfume samples and a pair of thick, dark glasses, it didn’t take long for his fans to realize that his next collaboration was going to be with fashion designer Alber Elbaz. For over 14 years Elbaz, known as the master of elegantly draped cocktail dresses, w…

The sweetest thing: natural or synthetic?

by Marloes Hagenaars, 13th January, 2017

​It might be the oldest trick in the book of the perfume industry, sex sells but nowadays we might be able to add, so does organic. The idea is compelling: a fragrance that contains all-natural ingredients sounds exclusive, good for our health and environment friendly. However, in the case of perfumes, it’s the synthetic f…

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The best perfumes of 2016 according to our contributors

30th December, 2016

Our contributors look back at the best fragrances they've discovered in 2016

Beauty and the Beasts

by Marloes Hagenaars, 18th October, 2016

It’s pretty much an age-old debate: animals being used in toxicity tests for perfumes and their ingredients. We’ve all seen the videos of rabbits and guinea pigs suffering, watched how angry activists raised their voices on the telly, know about the politicians who were trying to make a statement. It all resulted in a European…

Scents for every scenario?

by Marloes Hagenaars, 21st September, 2016

Do we wear fragrances that represent ourselves or the occasion? Marloes takes a personal look at why she wears perfume.

Has celebrity perfume had its heyday?

by Marloes Hagenaars, 14th July, 2016

Marloes takes a look at the celebrity fragrance market and whether it has a future.

Under the sea

by Marloes Hagenaars, 24th June, 2016

Anyone who knows me would probably admit that I have a slightly abnormal addiction for fragrances that smell unique and eccentric. Which usually means that my friends stay away from my wrists and often roll their eyes at me whenever I get my nose on a new perfume. I wanted to take my perfume experience to the next level and try something completely out of the box. Was it a step too far?

All eyes on niche

by Marloes Hagenaars, 09th May, 2016

It’s safe to say that the niche perfume industry had blossomed, if not boomed, over the last couple of years. However, the big players are also trying to tap into this lucrative part of the business. What happens if everyone rushes into the niche market?

A vibrant vulva experience

by Marloes Hagenaars, 24th March, 2016

Would you be interested in wearing the vaginal scent of a desirable woman? Guido Lenssen, founder and developer of VULVA Original, certainly was when he launched the scent in 2005.

A nose to nose with perfumer Andy Tauer

by Marloes Hagenaars, 21st January, 2016

When I first smelled the beautiful L’Air du Desert Marocain, I was sold. Family members, friends and even strangers had to smell my wrist and listen to the story behind this lovely perfume. From that day on I started following the creator of my favourite scent; Andy Tauer

Our Best Fragrance Discoveries of 2015

30th December, 2015

We ask our contributors to look back on 2015 and reveal what their best fragrances of the year were.