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Freelance beauty editor Viola Levy has loved perfume since purchasing a treasured bottle of Impulse O2 aged 10 and later wearing Anaïs Anaïs to a friend's 13th birthday party. Formerly contributing beauty editor of Glass Magazine, her blog Scents and the City highlights her favourite fragrances and beloved London haunts.

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The Princess and the Perfume

01st February, 2019

Part one of Viola Levy and Grant Osborne's reimagining our favourite fragrance campaigns, starring some of Disney’s iconic leading ladies …

The Best Perfumes of 2018, according to our contributors

31st December, 2018

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2018. If nothing wowed them in 2018 they could choose something new to them. Despite not going out of my way to smell new releases in 2018, I still managed to smell a few. Nic…

Is this new subscription service the ‘Netflix’ of perfume shopping?

by Viola Levy, 26th November, 2018

She continues, “We didn’t want to make a complicated quiz, ‘tell us what kind of notes you love’ etc. We don’t ask about fragrance families and weird formal categorisations that people don’t relate to – we speak more in everyday language (‘I like clean and fresh scents etc.’). You can …

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Revisiting Nuit de Noël

by Viola Levy, 19th December, 2017

Revisiting Nuit de Noël Viola Levy looks back on a Christmas classic that would cheer up Scrooge To me, it also brings back memories of Christmas in the early 90s, with my parents (mum draped in her Liberty peacock wrap and doused in Miss Dior) going to their friends’ house parties. In lieu of a babysitter, all the kids would be…

The Grit and Glamour - Why City Dwellers Love Scent So Much

by Viola Levy, 04th December, 2017

Writer Viola Levy looks at how the city inspired her perfume obsession

How fragrance is the antidote to our iPhones

by Viola Levy, 16th June, 2017

Considering a digital detox? Viola Levy explores how smell can hold the key…