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Guardians Of The Past - A Trip To The Osmotheque

by Persolaise, 28th March, 2014

For a moment, I wonder if the thing is going to leap out and attack me. Curled into the base of a steel box, it's a tangle of what looks like fur, claws and hide. It could be a piece of a garish Halloween costume. Or the remnants of some very strange Biology experiment gone wrong. I stare at it for a moment. And then, reassured that i…

Jacomo arrives in UK

by Grant Osborne, 17th May, 2010

Classic fragrance brand Jacomo has arrived in the UK in Notting Hill's Carter & Bond. Jacomo was founded by James Kaplan and Gérard Courtin, who met in New York in the late sixties. After launching their fashion boutique on 5th Avenue, they created their first fragrance, Eau Cendrée in 1974.Carter & Bond are stocking four of the brands ma…

QSLD creates packaging for new Jacomo fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 02nd July, 2007

QSLD have designed the packaging for Jacomo's latest fragrance, Jacomo for Him.Jacomo for Him is "a woody oriental that combines power and masculinity with seduction and sensuality. It is meant for a man who has a real spirit for adventure and a natural elegance."“This bottle uses the combination of glass and metal &nd…

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I like a big stink!

by Christopher Peterson, 01st May, 2003

Stop to smell roses on the path of life? No Thanks. Give me the gutter! I. It's always struck me as odd that perfumes and fragrances have tried to smell good. Think of the huge, whole range of smells that the world and the universe have. Think of it as a pie chart-all the smells that can possibly be conceived of being smelled, making…