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Reflexive Perfumery: A Virtual Tour of the Osmothèque with Christophe Laudamiel

by Deadidol, 28th February, 2014

Opening his talk with an extensive self-introduction, Laudamiel traced the distinction between his role at the New York City-based non-profit Academy of Perfumery and Aromatics and his more commercial role as the nose behind such mainstream hits as Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce (2002), Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute (2007), and Ralph Lauren’s P…

A Lab on Fire's Sweet Dreams 2003 available now, previous fragrances repackaged and S-Perfume's back.

07th May, 2012

A Lab on Fire's newest fragrance, Sweet Dreams 2003, is available now. The scent, created by Thierry Wasser, was launched at Colette in Paris last month, but is now available in selected retailers. The company have also repackaged their previous scents; and sister-brand S-Perfume is back at Lucky Scent.Sweet Dreams 2003 contains notes of …

New fragrance house : A Lab on Fire

by Grant Osborne, 11th April, 2011

A Lab on Fire is a new fragrance house from Shaping Room (who also brought us S-Perfume). Shaping Room founder, Nobi Shioya's left the company in 2009, and Carlos Kusubayashi took over his work. The first fragrance from A Lab on Fire is a collaboration with perfumer, Olivier PolgeShaping Room will continue to sell the S-Perfume fragrance…

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The Perfume Industry Movers and Shakers: #25 - Nobi Shioya (aka Sacre Nobi)

by Grant Osborne, 08th December, 2006

Nobi Shioya (aka Sacre Nobi, aka Fura S, aka Mother S) is an artist, sculptor and co-founder of "the world's smallest perfume house", Shaping Room.Prior to establishing Shaping Room in 2000, Shioya had worked with perfumers, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Alberto Morillas and Thierry Wasser to create unusual scents for his sculpture…