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New Monsoon fragrance launched by soap-makers, Bronnley

by Grant Osborne, 05th November, 2008

British high street clothing retailer, Monsoon have launched their first fragrance in over ten years in a partnership with soap-makers, Bronnley. Monsoon previously launched three fragrances in the late nineties with Coty but these have been discontinued for some years now.The fragrance packaging was based on designs from Monsoon's ar…

Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

by Marcy Goldman, 05th November, 2008

There’s just something about lavender….. There is just something indelible about lavender although some people sometimes confuse lavender with lilac: both start with “L”, both are pretty, violet-hued, both florals. Inasmuch as lilac is as beloved, lavender is the far more potent, more-easily captured scent with a …