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Upcoming Perfume Events : 27 October – 9 November

27th October, 2014

If you want to meet other perfume lovers in your area, how about attending a perfume event. Our new Perfume Events section lists upcoming perfume events. Here is our round-up of events for the next few weeks.28th OctoberLONDON UK – Odette Toilette : Profumo di Roma (Sold Out)2nd NovemberLAKEWOOD OHIO – Indigo Perfumery : A Fall Weekend Mi…

Upcoming Perfume Events : 20th October – 2nd November

20th October, 2014

If you want to meet other perfume lovers in your area, how about attending a perfume event. Our new Perfume Events section lists upcoming perfume events. Here is our round-up of events for the next few weeks.21st OctoberSYDNEY AUSTRALIA – Sydney Perfume Lovers : Discover Cult of ScentLONDON UK – Odette Toilette : Profumo di Roma (Sold Out…

Podcast #3: The Art Perfumes Formerly Known as Niche

19th September, 2014

In the third episode of The Basenotes Podcast our panel discuss the idea of “niche” in perfumery – can we define what is, and what isn’t niche? We also smell the Bacon Candle mentioned in Ep. 1, talk about Frazzles (again), and whether Callum would use it as a ‘bedroom candle’. Plus The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Thomas Dunckley (Candy Perfume Boy) and Neil Chapman amongst winners of Jasmine Awards

12th March, 2014

The winners of this years Jasmine Awards – An annual UK award dedicated to celebrating the best of fragrance journalism – were announced earlier today in London. Winners included Basenotes contributor Thomas Dunckley for an article on Candy Perfume Boy, and Neil Chapman (of The Black Narcissus blog) for an article from ODOU Magazine.The j…

Podcast #1: You don't need a factory for toast

03rd January, 2014

A perfume podcast where host, Grant Osborne, is joined by Odette Toilette, Nick Gilbert, Callum Langston-Bolt and Carla Seipp to discuss fragrance news, smell some fragrances and generally talk about all things olfactory. Topic include Guerlain's Paris Collection, Yohji Homme relaunch, Bacon candles, Jovan Musk, Keeping Up Appearances, Smoking, Coffee and Fragrance Dreams...

New Book: British Perfumery, a Fragrant History

by Pia Long, 04th December, 2013

Were Shakespeare's sonnets inspired by fragrant potions? Which English perfumery made its money selling Russian bear grease? Whose lavender plants were eaten by rabbits? Who applied for a job in a perfume lab still wearing his school shorts? Which aroma chemicals went into Coty's L'Origan? Whose chemist career started because he was "to…

The Power To Make Your Heart Kinder - Japan’s Kodo Ceremony Comes To London

by Persolaise, 29th August, 2013

Kensington isn't exactly the first place you'd associate with Japanese minimalism. But on the 17th of April it was the setting for what may well have been the first kodo incense ceremony in the UK.Cushions and benches were assembled in a large space at the Conran shop on Fulham Road, the pop music pumping through the speakers was turned o…

Report: Penning Perfumes in Birmingham

by Judith Brockless, 06th March, 2013

Last month the Penning Perfumes tour arrived at Birmingham’s Le Truc bar, for an evening of poetry inspired by fragrance - and vice versa. The lovely Lizzie Ostrom, aka Odette Toilette, began the evening by explaining that we would first hear a series of poems inspired by fragrances, followed by the opportunity to try some of the…

The Perfumer and the Poet – Angela Flanders commissions poem and launches body cream for Precious One

by Judith Brockless, 07th February, 2013

Award-winning perfumer Angela Flanders has commissioned a love poem dedicated to her Precious One fragrance, which won ‘Best New Independent Perfume’ at the 2012 FiFi Awards. Flanders is also releasing a matching scented body cream for the fragrance. The perfumer first met the poet through Odette Toilette’s ‘Penning Perfumes’ collaborati…

Penning Perfumes tours UK

14th January, 2013

Penning Perfumes is a project created by Odette Toilette (of Scratch and Sniff) and poet, Claire Trevien. The idea was to create perfumes inspired by poems, and poems inspired by perfumes. This original collaboration led to 12 poets and 6 perfumers and perfume houses taking part in the project, and the concept will now be touring the UK,…

Odette Toilette bringing back "real" Pot Pourri

30th November, 2012

Odette Toilette (aka Lizzie Ostrom), organiser of the Scratch and Sniff Events, has launched a pot pourri in collaboration with horticulturalist, Stephen Nelson. The pot pourri is described as "A luscious and mysterious concoction of cured plants, flowers & spices for scenting your home. This revival of real pot pourri, moist and…

Penning Perfumes - The New Poetry and Perfume Project

by Lila Das Gupta, 13th June, 2012

A new book which marries perfumes to poems has been published in London. 'Penning Perfumes Anthology’ was the idea of Lizzie Ostrom, the olfactory entertainer and consultant who goes by the name of ‘Odette Toilette’. The aim of the project was to create ‘an unusual cultural exchange in matching poets with pe…