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Tauer to give Cologne du Maghreb wider distribution to kick off annual Cologne series

02nd June, 2014

This summer, Andy Tauer is putting his 2011 limited distribution fragrance, Cologne du Maghreb into wider distribution. This sees the start of a new series of Tauer colognes which will be created and released each summer, with a scent code-named Cologne Vetiver Boisée for 2015.Cologne du Maghreb was originally created in 2010 as part of h…

Who Smells So Great? - Perfume And Fifty Years Of Doctor Who

by Persolaise, 20th November, 2013

Unless you've spent the last few months held hostage in E-Space by a horde of Marshmen, you'll be well aware that a British television institution is about to celebrate an important milestone. Doctor Who, the time-travelling sci-fi series which embarked on its first voyage on the 23rd of November 1963 has reached the half-cent…

Andy Tauer on Miriam | News from Pitti Fragranze

by Grant Osborne, 11th September, 2011

We had the chance to spend some time with the lovely Andy Tauer, who was showing his new Pentachords range at Pitti. What he wasn’t showing publicly was his new project Tableau de Parfums, which he was keeping hidden in a secret compartment! For those who do not follow Andy’s blog, Tableau de Parfums is a separate brand from Tauer Perfume…

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Andy Tauer launches two new scents at Pitti

by Grant Osborne, 28th September, 2010

Andy Tauer showcased two new fragrances at the fragrance fair Pitti Florence earlier this month. The two scents are Eau d'Épices and Une Rose Vermeille.Eau d'Épices is an eau de parfum with top notes of cinnamon, cardamom, clove and coriander with red mandarines; a heart of orange blossom, jasmine, orris root and incense. Finally the frag…