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Ayala Moriel to run perfumery workshop next weekend in San Francisco, and launches Etrog Oy de Cologne

30th June, 2012

Next weekend in San Francisco is a big one for perfumer lovers. Not only does it see the first Annual Artisan Fragrance Salon event on Sunday 8th, but the day before indie-perfumer Ayala Moriel will be holding a perfume making workshop. Moriel says "If you'd like to dip your toes in the deep water of the art of perfumery, there is no bett…

Ayala Moriel to launch new fragrance Orcas next month

by Grant Osborne, 24th May, 2011

Vancouver-based natural perfumer, Ayala Moriel is to launch Orcas - a new fragrance which according to Moriel is "inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the Wild Pacific Trail: a place where ocean meets forest and whales blow and sing above the stormy weather. Orcas perfume is an innovative all-natural marine woody, a unique combinati…

New: Chocolate bars based on Ayala Moriel's Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat fragrances

by Grant Osborne, 27th November, 2010

Chocolate loving fragrance geeks can now get their hands on three chocolate bars, which are inspired by three of Ayala Moriel's fragrances: Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat. The fine Belgian dark chocolate bars were created by chocolatiere Rachel Sawatzky of CocoaNymph.Espionage (64% cocoa with smoked salt, jasmine & juniper)Guilt (…

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Ayala Moriel offering up to 30% off various products in 24 Hour Sale

by Grant Osborne, 01st October, 2010

For 24 hours only, Ayala Moriel are offering up to 30% off on all roll-ons (10ml, travel size in both oil and extrait), minis, bath salts and candles. However, like Cinderella's posh frock and carriage, this offer will disappear at midnight on October 1st. We're guessing that's Pacific time as Ayala Moriel are based in CanadaSo if you fan…