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Katy Perry promoting Purr in Toronto (pics)

by Grant Osborne, 02nd July, 2011

Last Thursday singer-songwriter, Katy Perry launched Purr by Katy Perry in Toronto, Canada. Perry must be the hardest working celebrity fragrance purveyor ever, as it seems every month we get an email telling us about a new launch promo. They tell us "As much as Katy loves purr-ple she changed up her look and debuted her new red hair! Kat…

New: Chocolate bars based on Ayala Moriel's Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat fragrances

by Grant Osborne, 27th November, 2010

Chocolate loving fragrance geeks can now get their hands on three chocolate bars, which are inspired by three of Ayala Moriel's fragrances: Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat. The fine Belgian dark chocolate bars were created by chocolatiere Rachel Sawatzky of CocoaNymph.Espionage (64% cocoa with smoked salt, jasmine & juniper)Guilt (…

The Anti-Scentites

by Marlen Harrison, 22nd October, 2005

Could a downtrodden industry be hatching a fiendish plot?At the end of May, a proposal was made in Ottawa that was by all means indecent. Sure, Canada has led the way towards progress these past few years by allowing folks to actually smoke a little marijuana during their gay weddings. But to actually propose a city-wide ban on fragrances…

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