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New Coco Mademoiselle Body Products

by Sandra Rose, 06th September, 2010

Chanel have released a new bathing range to compliment Coco Mademoiselle. The collection features a range of products with an elegant, simple design to pamper the body in three fragrant steps.The range includes a Foaming Shower Gel, a delicately perfumed gel that transforms into a feather-light foam; a scented Moisturising Body Lotion tha…

Fashion Fair founder, Eunice W. Johnson dies at 93

by Grant Osborne, 06th January, 2010

Eunice W. Johnson, co-founder of Johnson Publishing (publishers of Ebony and Jet Magazine) and Fashion Fair cosmetics (along with late husband, John H. Johnson), has died of kidney failure on Sunday in her Chicago home. Johnson was 93The Fashion Fair cosmetics brand was launched in the USA in 1973 and rolled out internationally in 1984. …

Winter skin care dos and don'ts - product round-up

by Danielle Cooper, 16th December, 2004

Itís winter. Festivals are being celebrated across the world, the party season has kicked off and youíve bought something to wear that you know will bankrupt you financially, but boost your credit immeasurably in the style stakes. The problem? Well, to put it plainly itís probably your face. Itís the time of year when you are more Ready-B…

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