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20-year-old Lynx after shave fetches 210 ($330) on eBay

by Grant Osborne, 06th October, 2010

We're used to seeing vintage bottles of Guerlain and Caron fetch a pretty penny on eBay, but yesterday a twenty year old bottle of Lynx aftershave (known as Axe in the US, France and elsewhere) named Tempest fetched a whopping 210 (330). The seller, vindaloofood, told Basenotes his story. "I had no idea at first that Lynx Tempest was…

eBay responds to French Court Ruling Versus LVMH

by Grant Osborne, 30th November, 2009

EBay has responded to a decision by Commercial Court of Paris versus LVMH, to fine eBay EUR1.7 million in relation to an injunction that prevents French eBay users from buying or selling LVMH Group perfumes and cosmetics on any eBay website. Alex von Schirmeister, General Manager of eBay in France, said: "Today's outcome hurts…

Interview with Jim "Uncle Griff" Griffith eBay's Dean of Education

by Grant Osborne, 19th August, 2005

Not only does Jim Griffith know everything about eBay, he also knows pretty much everything about fragrance. Who better for Basenotes to talk to about buying fragrances from eBay! What is your role at eBay and how did you end up there?My current role at eBay is multi-faceted. My official title is Dean of eBay Education. In this capacity, …

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