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The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu : Book Review

by Thomas Dunckley, 28th February, 2012

“I am a perfume lover trying to think through perfume, both in the sense of thinking the matter through, and in the sense that perfume is one of the language’s I use to understand the world”Perfume is a language that everybody speaks, whether they are aware of it or not. It is the language of times gone-by and places visited in the past, …

Blogging The Forbidden - an exclusive interview with Denyse Beaulieu

by Persolaise, 12th November, 2010

You wrote in a relatively recent blog post that sillage has become a crime. Could you expand on that? "I'm talking at a remove, because it seems to be in North America especially - certainly not in France - that imposing your fragrant imprint on your environment seems to be thought of as completely inappropriate. So of course everyone's t…