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IFRA UK to hold second industry Fragrance Forum in October

12th March, 2012

IFRA United Kingdom, the fragrance association, has announced that it is to stage its second industry Fragrance Forum which will examine the art and science of fragrance creation. The full-day event will take place in at The Royal Society in London on 18 October 2012. The conference is free for IFRA UK Members who will have priority boo…

The Shoe Fits - an interview with Thierry Wasser

by Marian Bendeth, 09th November, 2011

Walking in gilded shoes can be a rich and prized role but can also weigh heavily on the wearer. Three years ago, Basenotes interviewed the then newly appointed perfumer, Thierry Wasser, who was plucked and handpicked from the rich gene pool of perfumers to head up the prestigious House of Guerlain. He has had three years to adapt and cre…

After investigation, non-IFRA-compliant scent was actually compliant

by Grant Osborne, 08th November, 2011

Following a public allegation that a finished product on the market contained a fragrance material that has been banned by IFRA, an investigation was conducted in accordance with the IFRA Compliance Program. The finished product in question was sent to an independent laboratory for testing and the result is that the product is completely …


Non-IFRA-compliant fragrance on the market

by Grant Osborne, 26th October, 2011

According to IFRA, It has been publicly alleged that a finished product on the market contains a fragrance material that has been banned IFRA. Sadly, they don't say what the product is, or what it contains. IFRA has been investigating the product to see whether or not it constitutes a case of non-compliance to the IFRA Code of Practice. …

Response to Basenotes Questions from IFRA United Kingdom

by Grant Osborne, 10th August, 2011

Following her two-part interview transcript being posted on Basenotes (Part 1, Part 2), IFRA UK Director Lisa Hipgrave responds to the questions that arose.LH. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to clear up some of the misperceptions surrounding IFRA UK and its policies. I’d like to thank Persolaise for taking the time to speak with…

IFRA North America launch series of educational videos

by Grant Osborne, 15th June, 2011

IFRA North America have launched the first of a series of educational videos about making fragrances. The first video, titled "Making Scents," explains the different types of fragrance ingredients, research and safety testing of ingredients and the work that goes into creating a new fragrance."Fragrances and scents are part of the daily l…

IFRA Promotes Creativity – An Interview With Lisa Hipgrave, Director Of IFRA UK – PART 2

by Persolaise, 25th May, 2011

Part 1 of the interview ended with my asking Ms Hipgrave about the public’s perception of IFRA’s powers and responsibilities. Persolaise: I accept that there’s definitely one major misunderstanding out there, which is that IFRA is the law. But then EU regulation does mirror IFRA quite closely. Lisa Hipgrave: With t…

It’s Almost As Though It’s A Personal Thing – An Interview With Lisa Hipgrave, Director Of IFRA UK

by Persolaise, 04th May, 2011

I doubt there are any Basenotes members out there who haven’t heard of the International Fragrance Association, aka IFRA. Rightly or wrongly, the organisation’s name has become a label to which perfume lovers from all over the world have attached some of their most impassioned grievances about the industry. Can’t find yo…

Blogging The Forbidden - an exclusive interview with Denyse Beaulieu

by Persolaise, 12th November, 2010

You wrote in a relatively recent blog post that sillage has become a crime. Could you expand on that? "I'm talking at a remove, because it seems to be in North America especially - certainly not in France - that imposing your fragrant imprint on your environment seems to be thought of as completely inappropriate. So of course everyone's t…