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Coty sign up Katy Perry

29th November, 2012

"I am honored to be working with Coty, which has produced some of my favorite fragrances," said Perry. "I'm excited to share what's next in my perfumed world as well as making Purr and Meow! more accessible worldwide!"Previously Perry's fragrance were under license to Gigantic Parfums …

Katy Perry launches second scent, Meow!

by Lila Das Gupta, 02nd December, 2011

Singer Katy Perry has launched her second fragrance: “Meow! by Katy Perry,” in partnership with Gigantic Parfums. Ms Perry said "Meow! is my second baby in the fragrance world. I created it during my California Dreams Tour, and I can't wait for people to be able to experience my intriguing, amusing, candy-land like fantasy whenever they…

Katy Perry promoting Purr in Toronto (pics)

by Grant Osborne, 02nd July, 2011

Last Thursday singer-songwriter, Katy Perry launched Purr by Katy Perry in Toronto, Canada. Perry must be the hardest working celebrity fragrance purveyor ever, as it seems every month we get an email telling us about a new launch promo. They tell us "As much as Katy loves purr-ple she changed up her look and debuted her new red hair! Kat…

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Katy Perry promoting Purr in Australia (pics)

by Grant Osborne, 30th April, 2011

Katy Perry was in Melbourne, Australia earlier today. Well, if you're in Australia, it's yesterday by now. Perry arrived at Myer and headed over to Mural Hall for a press conference where invited media learned about Katy’s inspiration and her involvement with the fragrance. Following the press conference, the Pop-Princess greeted her fans…

Katy Perry in Mexico (pictures)

by Grant Osborne, 11th February, 2011

Last Saturday, Katy Perry was in Mexico City to launch Purr, her debut fragrance. The day began with a press conference at hotel Distrito Capital, in Santa Fe, Mexico City, where invited media learned about Katy’s inspiration and involvement with her new fragrance. Following the press conference, Katy greeted over ten thousand fans at the…

Katy Perry launches debut fragrance, Purr

by Grant Osborne, 23rd November, 2010

Singer, Katy Perry has launched her debut fragrance, Purr. In the US it is available exclusively at Nordstrom's until February, while in the UK it launched at Selfridges. Purr was created by perfumers at Firmenich, and the license-holder is Gigantic Parfums, which was founded by ex-Parlux CEO Ilia Lekach.The fragrance consists of peach ne…