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New! Lorenzo Villoresi Fragrance Theseus

by Lila Das Gupta, 02nd December, 2011

Florence-based perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi has released a new fragrance named Theseus - students of Greek mythology will remember he was the bold and beautiful hero who killed the Minotaur. Described as a 'fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures over strange countries and seas, in the search for mythological lands.…

Lorenzo Villoresi launches Iperborea

by Grant Osborne, 23rd November, 2010

Italian independent perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi has launched his latest fragrance, Iperborea. The fragrance contains top notes of blossoming petals, lily of the valley, cyclamen, green notes, orange, mandarin, peach; heart notes of white spring flowers, magnolia, mimosa and lily of the valley and base notes of white flowers, jasmine, oran…

Lorenzo Villoresi - Il Profumo. Storia, cultura e tecniche (Perfume. History, culture and techniques).

by Marcello Aspria, 15th July, 2004

Lorenzo Villoresi (b. 1956) is known all over the world for his prestigious custom-made fragrances. This self-trained perfumer from Florence studied Ancient history, philosophy, and religion, and travelled extensively through Northern Africa and the Middle-East before committing himself to the world of perfumery and fragrant raw materials…

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