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Erwin Creed on regulations, Aventus and more [video]

03rd April, 2013

Erwin Creed, 7[SUP]th[/SUP] generation of the perfume house, attended Exsence and spoke to Basenotes about his concerns regarding regulations on ingredients in perfume. This has now meant that some perfumes, eg. Irisia, can now no longer be made. …

Ann Gerard on her debut fragrance collection [video]

26th March, 2013

Paris-based Ann Gerard follows in the tradition of jewellers who establish a perfume collection. Gerard, who has a showroom near the Bastille, asked the perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, who is also a customer and friend if he would work with her. He has created three well-received perfumes for the line, which started last year. Ciel d’Opal…

The Vagabond Prince's Zoran Knezevic on their debut fragrance [Video]

26th March, 2013

Owners of the perfume website ‘Fragrantica’ have launched their first perfume called ‘Enchanted Forest’, created by Bertrand Duchaufour. The company they formed to market the perfume is called Vagabond Prince, which makes reference to Elena and Zoran Knezevic's peripatetic life hitherto. Zoran told us with delight the inspiration for th…

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Friendly Fur launches second fragrance at Esxence [Video]

24th March, 2013

Nicolas Gleber of Friendly Fur, the Berlin-based company that specialises in using ethical fox fur for use in clothing, has launched his second fragrance ‘Green Carnation’ at Esxence 2013. The perfume, created by Mark Buxton, is a follow-up to the first scent ‘A Rebours’. The perfume comes with a dropper rather than spray application. “I …

Buxton, Duchaufour and Schoen: The Three Musketeers

23rd March, 2013

Basenotes has been privy to some exciting gossip in the world of perfume… it seems that perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour, Mark Buxton and Geza Schoen are to form an alliance and create a new brand.We are not at liberty to disclose names, dates and details, but, needless to say, excitement fills the air. All three have a distinguished track …

Keiko Mecheri unveils Saville Row and Sedona Blue at Esxence

23rd March, 2013

US based perfumer Keiko Mecheri showcased two new perfumes at the Esxence fair, the first inspired by exclusive tailors at London’s Saville Row, the second Sedona Blue:Also on show, the new bottle for the best-seller in her line ‘Loukhoum’. The bottle, made in France, was designed by the perfumer and her husband Kamel, who is a product …

YS Uzac unveil two new fragrances at Esxence - Interview with Vincent Micotti [Video]

22nd March, 2013

Swiss niche perfume house Ys Uzac unveiled two new fragrances at the opening of the Esxence Perfume fair in Milan – Immortal Beloved and Satin Doll. Vincent Micotti, founder of the house, has a great interest in music since he is a classically trained cellist. He told Basenotes the name of the first perfume takes its inspiration from a l…

Patricia di Nicolaï previews Amber Oud and Rose Oud | Esxence 2013 [Video]

21st March, 2013

Patricia de Nicolai of Parfums Nicolai gave Basenotes a sneak preview of two new fragrances that are to be released in the higher concentration ‘Intense’ range.Amber Oud and Rose Oud will be released in the company’s shop in Paris in the summer. The press launch will take place in September. The stronger concentration is aimed at the ex…

Basenotes reporting from Esxence 2013

20th March, 2013

Tomorrow is the start of the 5th Esxence Fragrance Exhibition in Milan. The event aims to showcase the latest in niche and artisanal perfumery. We will be reporting to our readers all the news over the forthcoming days.As well as over 120 brands presenting, the event is also host to panels and lectures including talks from Michael Edwards…

Esxence 2013 : List of events

20th March, 2013

In previous years, Esxence 2013 has held various fragrance events throughout the four day fair. This year is no exception with speakers including Michael Edwards, Emmanuelle Giron of the Osmothèque, and Basenotes' regular contributor Lila Das Gupta.Events Calendar Thursday March, 21st…

Printable Guide to Esxence 2013

20th March, 2013

If you're going to Esxence over the next few days, Basenotes has produced a single page guide, which features a list of all the fragrance brands in attendance, a list of the events, as well as a map and address details of the fair. The guide is in pdf format and can be downloaded from the link below. …

Esxence 2013 : List of Brands

20th March, 2013

Over 120 brands are appearing at this years Esxence fragrance fair. These are...Absolument AbsintheAcca KappaAnn Gerard ParfumAntonio ViscontiApotcareArte Profumiau Pays de la Fleur d'OrangerAutour Du ParfumBiehl ParfumkunstwerkeBois 1920Bruno Acampora ProfumiCalé Fragranze d'AutoreCarla Fracci ParfumsCarner BarcelonaCastle ForbesCerchi N…