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Yohji fragrance return leads to sell out

22nd August, 2013

The original fragrances by Yohji Yamamoto, Yohji and Yohji Homme were relaunched earlier this month and sold out in their first week of sale in Selfridges London and online. The fragrances were originally launched in partnership with Jean Patou in the mid-nineties, but after Patou's acquisition by Procter & Gamble, the license was left to…

Yohji Yamamoto take us back to the future and beyond

by Danielle Cooper, 13th March, 2013

As reported on Basenotes back in November Japanese fashion house Yohji Yamamoto formally announced in Paris this month that they are relaunching a number of fragrances from the line's archives, as well as expanding the line with some new scents.Yamamoto's first foray in to scents was in 1996 when the company partnered with Jean Patou to l…

Yohji Yamamoto to relaunch six fragrances

10th November, 2012

In 2001, Patou was acquired by Procter & Gamble, who created two more fragrances for the brand in 2004: Yohji Yamamoto Homme and Yohji Yamamoto Femme. However, in 2005, the company let the licence expire and the product were discontinued.Two fragrances are set to launch in April. More details as we get them. …

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Designer Parfums acquire Jean Patou rights from Procter & Gamble

01st July, 2011

Fragrance house, Jean Patou has been acquired by UK-based Designer Parfums, who also create fragrances for Agent Provocateur, Jean Louis Scherrer, Aigner Parfums and Worth. Dilesh Mehta, Managing Director of Designer Parfums said “I am truly delighted and excited by this great addition to our collection of brands. We will re-affirm the Je…