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Aroma Chemicals and the Indie Perfumer, an Interview with Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes.

by Clare Wood, 02nd July, 2014

Clare Wood speaks to Indie Perfumer and regular forum contributor Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes about aroma chemicals, Sophia Grosjman, Jean Claude Ellena and how to become a perfumer. Yes, of course. Sophia Grojsman of course and Jean Claude Ellena because one of the things that he has done is this kind of minimalist thing and …

Perfume Making and Skin Care workshops with Chris Bartlett and Jane Barber at end of September

27th August, 2013

Perfumer Chris Bartlett will be holding a Perfume Making Class in London's Belsize Park on 28th September. The workshop is being held at the same date and venue as Jane Barber's Beginners Moisturising Lotion workshop should anyone wish to try their hand at both. Chris Bartlett is the founder of Pell Wall perfumes and the workshop include…

Pell Wall Releases 1953 Pour Homme and Eau de Toilette

by Judith Brockless, 02nd June, 2013

Chris Bartlett of the Shropshire perfume house, Pell Wall, will be following up his 2012 limited edition 1953 Parfum with two new fragrances, to be released on 2nd June - 1953 Eau de Toilette and 1953 Pour Homme. 1953 Pour Homme has a ‘lighter, fresher tone’ than the original, with masculine notes of tobacco and cedar, whilst 1953 Eau d…

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