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Pink Really Does Stink

by Judith Brockless, 26th November, 2010

Last September, Harrods hosted the ‘Perfume Diaries’ exhibition. There, perfume junkies like me could ogle exquisite bottles (some of which were a hundred and fifty years old) and sniff decades-old perfumes to their heart’s (and nose’s) content. It really was a glorious and fascinating exhibition and, to my mind, the most interesting sect…

Bottled By Baccarat - The Final Event At Harrods Perfume Diaries

by Persolaise, 27th October, 2010

Once every four years, the French President hands out a set of prestigious awards to the country's finest craftsmen and craftswomen. Known as the 'Meilleur Ouvrier De France' (Best Worker/Artisan Of France), this accolade indicates not only that its recipient's skills have reached the absolute pinnacle of achievement, but also that the co…

The Science of Scent at Harrods Perfume Diaries

by Nick Gilbert, 12th October, 2010

From cinnamon we moved to rose, and were given 2 different roses to smell. When asked which we preferred, the majority of the audience chose the second rose, which was a rose note constructed in a lab – with more citrus and fruity aspects, as well as a slightly boozy feel too it. The first rose was a Bulgarian rose absolute, which had a m…

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Matadors & Audrey Hepburn - An Evening Of European Perfumery at Harrods Perfume Diaries

by Persolaise, 04th October, 2010

Olivia Chantecaille (pictured right) - Creative Director at her family's firm - began by telling the story of how her mother, Sylvie, grew up with an intense passion for flowers and scents. After moving to New York, Sylvie Chantecaille worked for Estee Lauder and created the highly-regarded Calyx and Pleasures. The experiences she gained …

Roja Dove talks to Basenotes about the Harrods' Perfume Diaries Exhibition, Diaghilev, and that scent he made for The Sun

by Persolaise, 29th September, 2010

As for the V&A, that was a lovely thing to be involved with. Two years ago I gave a talk at the Victoria & Albert Museum for their exhibition, 'Couture: The Golden Decade 1947-57'. They asked if I'd give a lecture on perfumery from this period. It was very well-received, so they asked if I would come back. Meanwhile, I was introduced to t…

Harrods Perfume Diaries : An evening of British Perfumery

by Kim Deadman, 27th September, 2010

Last week as part of their excellent Perfume Diaries exhibition Harrods hosted an evening of British Perfumery, presented by Roja Dove. Dove began by calling The Perfume Diaries the most important exhibition about perfume in the world. He explained that in his opinion British perfumery had as long and as important a history as French perf…

An Audience With Jean-Paul Guerlain & Thierry Wasser - Guerlain Perfumers at Harrods' Perfume Diaries

by Persolaise, 18th September, 2010

On the appointment of the current in-house perfumer, he stated that it was the culmination of a long process of working with and observing the team at Firmenich. In the end, Wasser was selected because, according to M Guerlain, there was no-one better.Wasser declined to provide a description of his own signature, claiming that an artist's…

Harrods Perfume Diaries : Picture Round Up

by Grant Osborne, 06th September, 2010

Over the next month, Harrods is holding the Perfume Diaries Exhibition, which is a showcase of the past, present and future of the perfume industry. Basenotes had the chance to attend a preview last week, hosted by the exhibition's curator, Roja Dove. Unsurprisingly, given Dove's background at Guerlain, the exhibition features many bottle…

Harrods Perfume Diaries : Window Displays

by Grant Osborne, 04th September, 2010

To celebrate Harrods Perfume Diaries, the store have dedicated one side of the store's window displays to historic and contemporary fragrances. Apologies for the reflections! Harrods Perfume Diaries runs until October 2nd 2010 …

Now on: Harrods Perfume Diaries - Exhibition celebrating the past, present and future of the Perfume Industry

by Grant Osborne, 04th September, 2010

The Perfume Diaries will also educate customers as to how fragrance is made, in an exciting collaboration with Givaudan which will explain the manufacture process and enable customers to touch, see and smell ingredients used in Perfumery – from the most common to the most precious. Also exhibiting alongside Perfume Diaries is a retrospe…