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Basenotes Readers Awards – Winners to be revealed live on the internet TODAY!

21st May, 2014

Most awards ceremonies are held in some swanky venue, with glittering star presenters and no-expense-spared food and drink. Well we will be having the ceremony for the Basenotes Reader Awards today. And you're all invited!But we don't need swanky venues etc – because we live on the Internet, we'll be announcing the winners of the awards t…

Life in Scents : New fragrance podcast from Scratch & Sniff

by Grant Osborne, 19th August, 2011

Odette Toilette, the nose behind the Scratch+Sniff Events, and radio producer Jo Barratt, have launched a fragrance podcast called Life in Scents: “Life in Scents is a new take on the interview show. Each edition, a high-profile guest remembers the smells that have meant something to them through their life, from the day-to-day odours of …

The (Will) King's Speech - King of Shaves parodies Oscar winner

by Grant Osborne, 28th February, 2011

British shaving brand, King of Shaves, have parodied the winner of four Oscar's, The King's Speech, in a new viral video where founder Will King subtly pokes fun at shaving rival, Gillette. King said on his blog:I started reading rave reviews about The Kings Speech almost straight after it aired in December. Garnering almost universal acc…

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Bond No.9 launch blog edited by former Sniffa Mag editor, Raphaella Barkley

by Grant Osborne, 20th December, 2010

Bond No. 9, have recently introduced a blog devoted entirely to the the world of Bond No. 9. The blog is edited by Raphaella Barkley, who is the former editor of Sniffapalooza Magazine. The Bond No. 9 Blog will feature fragrance reviews, reviews from guest writers, interviews with Bond No. 9 Perfumers and articles surrounding Bond No 9.Yo… perfumer Dominique Dubrana will be holding a “live democratic interview”

by Walker Minton, 26th September, 2010 perfumer Dominique Dubrana will be holding a “live democratic interview” on WAFTbyCarol. This is a new concept, the interview is open to the public and he will answer questions in real time.It will start on the 28th and may last one or more days, depending on how the process is progressing. Questions will be taken about natur…