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The Power To Make Your Heart Kinder - Japanís Kodo Ceremony Comes To London

by Persolaise, 29th August, 2013

Kensington isn't exactly the first place you'd associate with Japanese minimalism. But on the 17th of April it was the setting for what may well have been the first kodo incense ceremony in the UK.Cushions and benches were assembled in a large space at the Conran shop on Fulham Road, the pop music pumping through the speakers was turned o…

New fragrance range: The Jane Packer Collection

by Sandra Rose, 29th September, 2010

Jane Packer, a renowned innovative florist who began her business in a small store in the heart of London's West End and has since achieved international success, has announced her new fragrance collection. The collection consists of five contrasting fragrances each inspired by the flowers she has worked with over the last two decades.Jan…