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Le Labo to launch solid perfumes in November

12th September, 2014

Le Labo are launching solid perfumes of their range in November. The solid perfumes will be available in all of the 14 scents in their classic collection and consists of a Solid Perfume case and a refill. Refills are also available separately as a set of two.Le Labo say:The solid perfume is a brand new way to wear your signature scent. Ju…

An Interview with Eddie Roschi co-founder of Le Labo

by Lila Das Gupta, 06th July, 2012

Le Labo co-founder Eddie Roschi was in London recently to hold a perfume workshop at the Liberty's shop in Regent Street. Lila Das Gupta met him at the Le Labo store in Marylebone. ER: It can come from ingredients, or stories and emotions that we want to make sense from, it can be something that was on a perfumers table, it comes from di…

Le Labo to make 'city exclusives' available in other cities this November

by Grant Osborne, 31st October, 2011

Normally Le Labo's exclusive city fragrances can only be found in the cities they were created for: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, Chicago and Dallas. However, Like in 2009, Le Labo are making their entire City Exclusive line available for the month of November only.The Collection :Here are the exclusives that will be tempor…

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Events: Le Labo Synesthetic Series Workshops [London]

by Grant Osborne, 12th January, 2011

Le Labo have announced the "Le Labo Synaesthetic Series of Workshops" that will be held at the Le Labo London Boutique monthly until May 2011. As part of Le Labo’s mission to increase customer’s knowledge on perfume, synesthetic provocateur Nicola Pozzani will introduce attendees to a one-of-a-kind series of creative workshops. This is a…

Le Labo to open stand-alone London store

by Grant Osborne, 25th November, 2009

Le Labo are to open a standalone London store early next year. The store, location to be announced, will be the fourth standalone store after New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Currently the only place to buy the brand in the UK was at the Le Labo counter in Liberty.The boutique will be designed by Caulder Moore who were also responsible fo…