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Guardians Of The Past - A Trip To The Osmotheque

by Persolaise, 28th March, 2014

For a moment, I wonder if the thing is going to leap out and attack me. Curled into the base of a steel box, it's a tangle of what looks like fur, claws and hide. It could be a piece of a garish Halloween costume. Or the remnants of some very strange Biology experiment gone wrong. I stare at it for a moment. And then, reassured that i…

Scents of History: Notes from a presentation at the Chelsea Physic Garden

by John Bailey, 31st December, 2010

[Outline of Quaker ethics – a serious problem and one which retarded the progress of both pharmacy and perfumery was the adulteration of vegetable drugs and distilled essential oils] – the company I joined was founded in England in 1830 between Stafford Allen & Charles May – Allen was the nephew of William Allen FRS, the first President …

London Hosts First Official Launch Of Fougère Royale Remake

by Persolaise, 03rd December, 2010

In order to overcome these negative associations, the team responsible for Fougère Royale's remake decided they would have to remain faithful not to the exact make-up but to the intentions of the original perfume: to evoke a fresh, instantly likable image of nature. Houbigant's Gian Luca Perris (right with Dove) explained that it was …

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Aurélien Guichard, Stephen Nilsen, Michael Carby, Yann Vasnier - Scent Treks Through Time

by Marian Bendeth, 12th October, 2008

  Editor's note: These interviews are the thirteenth part of a series in which Marian Bendeth explores what a panel of modern perfumers would say if they could travel back to the time of their choosing, to meet, chat and co-create with a perfumer of the past. An introduction to the series and table of contents is here. …