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Guardians Of The Past - A Trip To The Osmotheque

by Persolaise, 28th March, 2014

For a moment, I wonder if the thing is going to leap out and attack me. Curled into the base of a steel box, it's a tangle of what looks like fur, claws and hide. It could be a piece of a garish Halloween costume. Or the remnants of some very strange Biology experiment gone wrong. I stare at it for a moment. And then, reassured that i…

Book Review: The Essence of Perfume - Roja Dove

by Anya McCoy, 16th February, 2009

The Essence of Perfume Hardcover: 269 pagesPublisher: Black Dog (October 28, 2008)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 1906155496ISBN-13: 978-1906155490Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.7 x 1.1 inchesShipping Weight: 4 poundsThe understated dustcover gives little hint as to the gorgeous photos and illustrations included in Roja Doves’s  book Th…

Cecile Krakower, Karine Chevallier, Lyn Harris and Sylvie Jourdet -- Scent Treks through time

by Marian Bendeth, 22nd September, 2008

Editor's note: These interviews are the eleventh part of a series in which Marian Bendeth explores what a panel of modern perfumers would say if they could travel back to the time of their choosing, to meet, chat and co-create with a perfumer of the past. An introduction to the series and table of contents is here.  Cé…

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The Stages of Public Acceptance of Natural Perfumery ? An Evolution Unfolds in the Manner of Top Middle and Base Notes in a Perfume

by Anya McCoy, 29th May, 2008

All truth goes through three stages.First it is ridiculed.Then it is violently opposed.Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.-SchopenhauerThis is an article with a happy ending – a romp through time and noses from 2005 to now – with thanks to Schopenhauer for describing the process perfectly.The First Stage – RidiculeI…

Coty prize goes to Dragoco's Maurice Roucel

by Grant Osborne, 29th November, 2002

Maurice Roucel of German oil house, Dragoco is the winner of the third annual Prix Francois Coty, an award which was set up in 2000 to commemorate Francois Coty. The prize is given each year to a different perfumer. Roucel, whose creations include Rochas Man, Lalique pour Homme and Musc Ravaguer, started his career at Chanel…